Three years have passed since the Cizre basements: ECHR will announce its decision

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  • 10:50 6 February 2019
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ŞIRNAK-  3 years have passed since the killing of 137 people who were stranded in the basements of their homes during the ban in Cizre. ECHR will hear its decision on 7 February, the anniversary of the incident, where the families who lost their loved ones say 'We will never forget.'
3 years have passed since 137 citizens were burned alive in the basements of their homes where they were stranded and could not get outin the curfew of 79 days declared on December 14,2015. However, neither the families of the people who lost their lives nor the residents of the county did not forget the incident the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights referred as 'An apocalyptic scene'.
Some of the bodies are still not being able to be reached in the basements remembered with the words of  Cizre People's Assemble Chairperson Mehmet Tunç, who also lost his life in those basements,  saying: 'We did not kneel to them. Our remaining people should be proud of us.'
After the incident, the buildings were demolished, and in the area filled with rubble, after a while the new housing units were started to be built by the Housing Development Administration (TOKI). The construction of houses in the area, which are still surrounded by barriers and bodies still buried under them, is about to end.
In spite of all attempts, many of the investigations concerning the killings of the people  had been given nolpros. The deaths of the people considered legitimate because the dead was decided to be 'members of an illegal organization.'
Attorneys of the file announced that the ECtHR will announce its decision on the hearing on 7 February, which is the anniversary of the  basement killings.
 The decision is considered to be a precedent in terms of violations of rights in curfews announced in other cities, particularly in Cizre.

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